Welcome to the UConn Forest

The UConn Forest consists of 2100 acres of forest land distributed among parcels of various sizes in the Storrs-Mansfield vicinity. UConn Forest is managed by a committee of faculty and staff under the umbrella of the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment.



UConn Forest Mission and Values

The UConn Forest is a living laboratory and extensive natural classroom supporting academic, research, sustainability, and outreach programs in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment, College of Agriculture Health and Natural Resources, and for the entire University of Connecticut community. Core values associated with maintaining, managing, and promoting use of the UConn Forest align with the teaching, research, and public engagement mission of UConn as the Land Grant University of the State of Connecticut. As such, fundamental objectives for the UConn Forest include:

  1. Maintain the health, productivity, biological diversity, and ecosystem functioning of the forest and associated ecosystems
  2. Demonstrate state-of- the-art forest stewardship practices appropriate for private forest landowners, land trusts and municipal forests, including practices designed to enhance wildlife habitat, produce high value wood products, and demonstrate innovative alternative income opportunities
  3. Protect water quality and protect rare or endangered species
  4. Provide for appropriate recreational, artistic, and spiritual opportunities
  5. Facilitate research opportunities for the UConn community and research partners from other institutions and organizations
  6. Create an outdoor learning environment where university students, Extension clientele, and members of the public develop skills and gain practical experience in renewable natural resource conservation



UConn Forest Tracts

The UConn Forest is made up up of several parcels or "tracts" that vary in size from the >400 acre Fenton and Moss Tracts to several <10 acre unnamed parcels in and around the UConn campus in Storrs.